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SRA memorial/annual rides are in honor of fallen riders and their families. Last year we decided to focus these events more as memorial and reunion and less on formal organized rides like we have done in the past. Frankly, most will have adventures on the journey.


We come together once a year from all over the country. New and old members, new friends and old, a family. Riders have varying experience and abilities. We want to be safe and everyone be 100% comfortable riding. Stringing 100 bikes down the road, cruising through town is awesome and that may still end up happening, but we like simple.


So while we have a schedule, we have left lots of open time too. We will have pamphlets with suggested destinations and times with maps for each attendee so you can go solo, in smaller groups or form a bigger group of your own.


ANY RIDER IS WELCOME and they don't have to be a member to come.  They can be sponsored by a member no matter what bike they ride and are welcome to attend (with a ticket purchase). Bottom line it's all about riding and the group.


Purchase of a bed, campsite, or entry ticket isn’t required right away, but as you've heard beds are hot this year and are almost sold out. Prices include meals as indicated, the entertainment, feather patch and souvenir t-shirt. We hope to see Possum Trot add more facilities soon but we aren't counting on it.



Bed (1 person-shared quarters) $175,    

Camping (1 person) $125       

Attendance (1 person) $100 for those staying off-site



Camping and RV (no hookups but generators welcome) are ample but we ask that you book as soon as you can so we have a headcount to plan meals, events etc.

Most beds are bunk bed style,there are some queens etc. Theresa Reimer is overseeing sales and placement. First the people with medical issues get placed in beds and the rest are up for grabs after that, so we ask you be patient and understanding with her and the rest of the staff.



WED. July 19th Early check in- SRA EVENT STAFF ONLY- we don’t have the whole place yet!



Around 8:30 REGISTRATION OPENS. THIS WILL BE YOUR FIRST DESTINATION at Possum Trot. Probably the Saloon or Barn - TBA. You must sign a Release of Liability to be admitted. You will receive your tickets and/or bracelets which cover your for the included meals and activities. You’ll get directions to your bed, room or campsite along with a welcome bag containing a schedule, maps for area rides, etc., the 4th annual feather patch, your 4th annual limited T-shirt, along with any goodies we can come up with.

No activities are planned other than check in and getting settled. Any help is appreciated.

A late simple dinner will be provided so you'll get at least one meal before you pass out. Breakfast and lunch not provided Thursday.


Fri. July 21st.  OPEN DAY

Breakfast and Dinner will be provided, not lunch. This is an  OPEN day, some rides and some exploring. Gun Range will open and times listed in your packet. SRA General Store and Decals by Norm will be open - gitcher shit quick, it sells quick!  If you brought instruments, this will be a good night for a jam session.


Sat. July 22nd. CIRCUS OF THE CROWS DAY!  

Shooting Range open, times in pamphlet.    Hay Ride for those inclined.

Dunk tank -your only chance this year to sink the admins and random other crows.

Ladies of the Crow Awards ceremony- you will NOT want to miss this!

People on the Porch will be performing Live band/concert- can't put everything on crows so we're bringing in some Local talent.

SRA store will be open if anything is left!  Breakfast and Dinner provided, no lunch


Sun. July 23rd “MEMORIAL” DAY

Memorial Service at Possum Trot Church honoring all fallen riders. Someone will briefly speak and seal it with a prayer.  Following will be the SRA 4TH ANNUAL GROUP PHOTO. Please wake up everyone on your way there, specifically Chris Pichado. And if you are leaving Sunday, let us know. If we have to do a group photo before the memorial, we can.

There is a planned memorial ride, info in your pamphlet. Tom Kirkham will be leading, its optional but relevant.

After dark there will be a outdoor movie provided, most likely motorcycle related.

Breakfast and Dinner will be provided. No lunch.


Mon. July 24th LAST DAY

Please help clean up after your biker siblings. We intend to leave the town just as we received it, clean and clear for the next people that come.


We do not tolerate intoxication and riding, pace yourself and place yourself, This is not a public event. We count on each person to do their part to make it work. Please keep in mind the phrase you see on the page “if it bothers you, Scroll past it” We aim at nothing more than a great time, great memories, great food and several days of riding and playing that will change people's lives.


Possum Trot currently does not offer wifi though most phone service carriers do get a signal there. This is another upgrade we hope for, as they are expected to have wi fi coverage by June.

Restrooms and showers are limited but sufficient, we ask for patience and understanding to make this work.


What you need to bring:


Essentials-  Flashlight, towel, toilet paper, campers - tent, bedroll or sleeping bag

Non Essentials- Every year those with chase vehicles or extra room are encouraged to think about those riding all the way, you can help lighten their loads by bringing tools, parts, extra lanterns and fuel, sleeping bags, tents and things you would normally bring if you were camping and have room. Please make sure to label everything you might loan out with Name phone # and shipping address in case it gets left behind. SRA will ship these items back to you for cost of shipping if left behind.


STAFF CONTACTS: (SRA is handling all reservations and transactions. Please do not contact Possum Trot for any information)

LODGING: Theresa Reimer

FOOD: Jason Nicol

MUSIC: Jason Davis

AWARDS: Emily Smith


Of course, any or all of your ADMINS are here for you to bother as much as you want

Blair Skillman (Skillsaw the Prez)

Rob Ballesteros (Dora the Explora)

Norm Butler III (Hot Pocket)

Tom Kirkham (Tactical Tom)

Justin Elam (Uturn)

You can contact any of these people through private messenger on facebook. Or by emailing



4th Memorial and Annual FB page, you don’t have to be a member to join this page, you just have to be planning on attending.


Shadow Riders America main FB group page:


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