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SHADOW RIDERS OF AMERICA was established in 2014 on a simple idea.

Let’s create a group that caters to US based Shadow Riders, lets create a family that shares our love of motorcycles and make some memories along this journey called life. To break away from the usual “forum format” we chose facebook as our venue.

SHADOW RIDERS AMERICA ( SRA ) was founded by Blair and Donna Skillman, Rob B. Ballesteros, Justin & Kelly Elam, Norm Butler and 'ol Tom Kirkham on Easter Sunday 2014 with support from a few friends we made along the way. We continue to build our network not only nationally but we have established a presence in the international community of Shadow Owner clubs as well. 

In July of 2015 SRA became a chartered club with the American Motorcycle Association, serving riders since 1924.

In March 2018 SRA registered as a LLC. Yup we pay taxes too. 

     Our Philosophy is pretty simple, like the age old Honda slogan, "you meet the nicest people on a Honda" we hold true to that. We network and organize rides and meets with group members, share knowledge, tech tips, encourage and support new riders  and promote safety and motorcycle awareness. We leave no rider behind, or on the side of the road. That holds true on our annual events to, as we try to get people to step out of their comfort zone, and come to the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people they've never met. This has been a HUGE success - coming up on 9 years in a row now. We've been to North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Tennessee (again), South Dakota, Tennessee (yet again), Michigan.....and all the roads (sometimes dusty, dirt roads) in between!  We're not just a group or a Facebook page, we're a family, and we like to make things happen for people.

Ride Safely Everyone, keep the shiny side up! Caw-Caw!

     What we are is an OWNERS GROUP, please don't confuse us with an MC or RC. We have members from all around the country, and though we do have a few regional groups, we lay no claim to territory, colors or anything else of the sort. In general we exercise Respect to everyone around us and that we share the road with. Members of other makes and models are now welcome to join if sponsored by a current member.

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