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  Motorcyclist Memorial Wall Ohio  


 Jason Fehrs (RIP BROTHER) started a tradition with Shadow Riders America, one that we would never have wanted to consider needing, but as a family has been borne of our group, so must we honor our departed family members. We do our best to come through with all forms of support for families and friends of our members who have passed. A small effort on our part and a huge thanks to the "keepers of the Wall". 

Our annual memorial ride and "meet and greet" reunion is dedicated to Jason, and every year we have a moment of silence, and remembrance to honor those we have lost with kind words and prayer from Robert Hughes. Norm Butler has  been a huge part of making this happen and leads rides Memorial Day and for services there. Thanks buddy this is huge of you. 

Names and dates are recorded on the wall, we have patches and decals as well, once you commit to SRA you will not be forgotten, we leave no rider behind. It warms our hearts to be able to do this for our members and their loved ones, at no cost or effort from them.  

Keeping it real, for some SRA is their "other family" for some SRA is really their only family. We watch over ours, and theirs. 


Jason Fehrs, Big Tom Kirkham, Danny Knight, Debra Evans, Pastor Mike Shelton, Darrin J. Dusza, Melissa Barone, Leo "snake" Armal, Pete Ziber, Aimee "Slacker" Auman, Terry VanHook, John Cole, Jesse Mathias, Brandon Romo  

We will always miss you, but your spirit we will forever keep alive. RIP

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